Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday....
We had our 2 wonderful grandsons for the weekend so I had lots of help with ideas for this weekends scavenger hunt.

This one was easy...I had two great models!

Stand Alone
 Shot this while hiking with the boys this weekend.

Rusty or Something Old
Old Rusty Iron Wheel in One of My Flower Beds

Artificial oldest grandson helped me with  this one....he poured as I snapped!

Repeating Pattern
I found several items for this category but I decided on this one....Opened Blinds.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday.....

I cheated just a bit....this is my 1st scavenger hunt....used a couple of photos from a few months ago. I will do better in the future.

Stacked up
 This is the cake I made for our 2 grandsons birthday back in Septembers....this was the first for me....can you guess what the theme got it snakes and spiders....they are truly country boys!

Winter Wonderland
This was in November, our first snow of the season. I love to take photos of the snow....everything looks so crisp and bright.

Yes I blew up marshmallows in the microwave....accidentally.

I took this shot this morning using a CD...I taped a mint to a red plate and held the CD in front of  my camera with natural light coming in from my kitchen window. I took about 40 different shots but this one was my favorite because of the colors.

Frozen lake behind our property.