Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I took this shot early right before daylight...I love how the flash highlighted the snow on the tree branches.

I took this one with my external flash and I love the blue cast that it gave to the background.

I am still learning a lot about my new camera and I love to experiment with different settings and angles.....I usually go with whatever strikes me at the moment.

God has blessed us with so much..........................

Don't miss out on all of the beauty that surrounds you.......grab a camera and start shooting!


  1. I'm doing my best! And I agree - I am SO blessed and try to share a little of the beauty I get to see around here with the blogging world... :)

  2. Wonderful shots Linda. My camera goes with me wherever I go. I forgot it a couple of times and have kicked myself for that, missed some great photo opportunities.

  3. It's just start snowing here and it's bitterly cold outside.

    Your photos are lovely!