Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Fall Like Day!

I guess we have to have nasty weather to brings us beautiful weather.
It has been a beautiful Fall like day here in West TN.
They were out early this morning in our back yard and were very curious at what I was doing. A couple of them actually started walking closer to me to check things out.
I had the windows up for the most of the day..very cool this morning and its very pleasant out this afternoon. Love..Love...FALL

 Shot this on one of my road trips recently....a great place to relax and read a good book.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.......

 God Bless
"Capture the Moment"

Happy Grandparents Day!


Linda Segerson Photography @ Zenfolio


  1. that reflection shot is lovely! congrats on the fall day! we finally got a break here - at least we get to open windows at night and days only reach 80s and 90s instead of 100s. :)

    1. Thanks Theresa and I am glad you got a little break from the heat won't be long and we will be wishing it was warm again! lol

  2. Funny how many people today are welcoming Fall to the scene -- I'm with you on that!

    1. Hi has been nice to have some relief from the heat!

  3. Our weather has been wonderful here in South Carolina....nice capture Linda.

  4. Linda, nice pictures of the local wild life, it's neat when the animals come to check us out! We have cooled off a lot here, the hot, humid days are gone I think.. : )