Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Happened to August......
Is Summer almost gone....
I do wish September could slow down just a bit.....
because when October rolls around......we get so busy with the arrival of  the"holidays"...which I dearly enjoy but they come and go way to fast!
Baby bullfrog my hubby found.....this little fellow was only about 2" long....he is so cute....did I just say C-U-T-E.....I thought frogs are suppose to be ugly.....lets just say not so cute.

We have this huge Barred Hoot Owl and he hangs out in the woods closest to our house...most of the time.
The other night the Hubby & I decided to go Owl Hunting....shooting only with my camera of course....No Luck, but we will try again.

This is the only photo I have of him....
This was like 4 in the afternoon.....which was taken from our kitchen window and cropped.

I will miss Summer but I am looking forward to my "FAVORITE" season of the year....

God Bless
"Capture the Moment"


Linda Segerson Photography @ Zenfolio


  1. i loved the barreds! :)

    but i really love that first fence shot! wonderful job, linda!

  2. Thanks Theresa, I appreciate your comments!

  3. So nice to find great photo opportunities just outside the back (or front) door. :)

    1. Hi Nancy...and my hubby is always spotting things for me to shoot!

  4. I do think the frog is cute, and so is that owl. Love your photos.

    1. Hi Patricia.....thanks so much...I really enjoy your visits.