Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Month.......
Can't wait to see what August brings us in the world of photography.....
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My heart was saddened when I spotted this, actually my hubby spotted this. I thought about the family, how they lost everything....hoping and praying they did not loose their lives.

I could not believe it but not far from the one above.....we found another one....much older bricks in this one. I wish I could have gotten the front of it but there were too many weeds and bushes.
 Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe day.......Happy August!

God Bless
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  1. There must be a huge house before looks like this is a chimney from a huge structure. Great shots and thanks for the visit on my blog I do appreciate it.

    Kim, USA

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by. I can only imagine what the house looked like but I bet you are right, it was probably pretty big!

  2. those are cool fireplaces, though.