Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am on a "Hunt"
for a new Camera Lens 

Which one to buy is the question!
I have a Nikon D60 and have a Nikon 18-135mm lens that I use. I am looking to buy a 70-300mm lens.....should I buy the......
Internet image

Internet Image


 The Nikon of  course is the most expensive but they are top quality and tough made lenses. I have heard the Sigma is better than the Tamron and vice-versa.
My dear sweet hubby has been doing a lot of research on all of these and we are still confused.
There are so many pros & cons on all of them. Some say go with the f/2.8 and some say the f/4-5.6. You also have the G and the ED...some say the G does not have the optical quality that the ED has, then some say there is not much difference. 
You can see why we are confused so that is why I am asking for HELP!
I would love some input on these lenses from my great friends in blog-land! 

 Me and my Mom having a little fun time
We received these hats  from our local Farm Bureau when I donated to support Breast Cancer Awareness.
 Love my mom...she will be 79 yrs young this December.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend!

 God Bless
"Capture the Moment"

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  1. I'm not a lens expert and I shoot Canon so I'm not familiar with the Nikon glass, but I do have a Sigma lens which I am happy with. If money is not an issue, a fast quality lens (f2.8) is usually the way to go. Faster lenses allow you to shoot in lower light. If a very wide aperture is not a priority and you don't want to spend big money on manufacturers lenses, then the others are worth looking at. A good rule of thumb is always buy the best glass you an afford. The lens makes the photo, not the camera.

    1. Thank you Brian so much for your info....If I don't go with Nikon I will probably go with the Sigma.

  2. i have 2 sigma lenses for my nikon. i do have the f4-5.6 which restricts to better light conditions, but for what i shoot, it does just fine as i'm just a novice.

    1. Thanks Theresa...just wondering do you use an external flash and does it help with the lighting issue?

  3. Hola, mi humilde opinion es siempre comprar los lentes originales Nikon (son los mejores) tengo equipo Nikon con varios lentes y son magnificos... va un cordial saludo, Rodisi